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Pin Up Finland 2012: Photoshoot of the semifinalists

About a week ago was THE DAY when we semifinalists of the Pin Up Finland 2012 got to finally meet each other and have a fun, fun day. We got play with make up, eye lashes, petticoats and dresses..AND SHOES!! It was time to take some pictures of the lovely ladies.

Girls trying to keep themselves cool in the corridor...
(It was hot in the changing room!!)
Girls full of the middle of LOTS of
dresses and shoes.. =)
The photoshoot took place at the Angel Studios in Helsinki. I was awed when I got the same space where we were taken pictures of, Finnish movies has been all the Vares-movies...bits here and bits there..And every place where Antti Reini has been filmed, I like.. ;D

Girls playing dress up. =)

We didn't have to worry about "does this go with this?" or "how would my hair look good", 'cause we had two wonderful and awesome ladies to help us. Olivia Rouge and Cherrie A. Dorable are the producers of the competition and they will take care of us...They already have. I just love them, and I'm very glad that there has been given an opportunity to them to be part of something as cool as Pin Up Finland competition. 

The day was long, lots of waiting...but with that amount of girls with the same can just imagine...lots of burbing (I was glad I wasn't the only one who did it loudly, like I am the only one in my derby team..), lots of laughing and getting to know each other. I fell in love with every single one of them. 

I'm already sad, that we all can't go forward in the competition. 

And yes, it actually is a competition. We all already forgot that! The spirit with the girls is so much more than just a competing, arrogant bunch of girls. I think I say it for all of the girls when I say, GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!!

Cherrie posing and showing how it's been done!!

Of course, everything that has something to
do with Betty Boop, I took a picture of!!

Next time we girls get together is the semifinal, that will be held in Alahärmä, in the Power Truck Show on 10.-11.8.2012. If you guys are around, come and say hello!! I can't wait to get on that HUGE rollercoaster at Powerpark...I hope I have a chance to try it.. ^_^

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