maanantai 27. elokuuta 2012

A long wait ahead....

I finally did it. Got my self an appointment for my Marilyn/Burlesque/Derby tattoo. I'm gonna go and have it done at Putka and the lovely JP will be the artist....But oh my, I have to wait until next April!! Well I knew it was gonna go far....and I actually was surprised that it didn't go any further than that...


My excitement was helped last weekend by my friend and a tattoo artist Syrena, who coloured and finished few of my tattoos on I actually have more than one tattoos ready....well, are they really ready, like ever? =) We'll see...but for now.....I'm happy happy joy joy..


keskiviikko 15. elokuuta 2012

Pick Nick at Forssa

Ok, my posts are a bit screwed up, 'cause I've already been posting stuff that has happened AFTER this fabulous pick nick at Forssa, where I was with my dear friend Kira and her boyfriend (and one of our teams refs) Horocop.

This happened a week before the Pin Up Finland semifinals. I was glad I got to wear a lovely dress and do my hair and makeup one last time before my holiday was over and the working days started again.

There was lots of gorgeous cars...and =D You know what I mean when you look at the photos.. ;)

Lots of "scrap metal" and lots of wonderful treasures on the market...We found two different pairs of derby pair was ANCIENT and the other pair was in such a good condition that I almost cried because I didn't have any money... The better ones had Sure Grip plates and a Riedell shoe...oh my...and even the box would have been included in the price...But, I just had to leave them there... sad.

Kiras parents were there as well, driving that beautiful Buick you've seen in my earlier post from midsummer...and Turre was there too, and clearly enjoyed.. ^_^

Lovely day...and that was the end of my holiday....=/ But I had a Forssa, and on my holiday. Thanks for all, who were part of them, in one way or another.

sunnuntai 12. elokuuta 2012

Pin Up Finland 2012 Semifinals

On Saturday, 11.8. was the day to have the semifinals of the Pin Up Finland 2012 competition. It was held in Alahärmä, Power Truck Show 2012. And for being a truck show, there was basically only trucks on display...

About ten of us girls spent the night before the competition in this awesome cabin, where we had our own little pond..we had so much fun, but we had to sleep also, 'cause we had an EARLY morning on Saturday.

When we arrived at Power Park it was makeup and hair from that moment until we we're rushed to a photoshoot and the on stage. All of us girls were so excited and nervous...On first round we were all on the stage at the same time and Olivia and Cherrie asked the basic questions from (pinup name) and where we're from etc..then it was changing clothes fast fast fast in this little tent that was put up for us...and then we went on stage one by one. That time the lovely ladies asked us a bit more, and surprise surprise, they asked me about roller derby =D...I had fun over there...Then it was judging time....they made their decision pretty fast...which was scary.. All of us girls we're called upon the stage and Olivia and Cherrie told the eight girls that had gone through to the finals, that are held in Xtreme Car Show 1.9.2012.

I didn't get to the finals, and of course I was dissapointed. I cried, I admit, but all the girls are so wonderful persons, that I couldn't be sad so long....I'm happy for all of the girls who got to the final!! Now I can't wait to get to the event to see who wins, and have some fun with my sweethearts!! <3

It was an experience I will never forget. And I can't even explain how awesome all the girls are. I'm so proud to say I have 13 new wonderful friends..

I love you all.

MAC Cosmetics: Marilyn Monroe Collection

WOW!! My friend linked me this blog, Makeup by Cheryl H, with an entry about the subject (and ALL the upcoming products) and I just have to make my good deed of the day and tell it forward..

Makeup. Marilyn Monroe. Afforable makeup line. BINGO!!

MAC Cosmetics are launching a makeup line based on this one of a kind woman, Marilyn Monroe, in this upcoming Fall....around October (at least in USA). I sooooo hope that the line will reach this little and cold country some day!!!!!

 There will be everything from mascara and eye shadows and LIPSTICKS to false lashes. Can I have one color of everything please?!?! =D

lauantai 4. elokuuta 2012

More burlesque, as ordered.

Want to see some burlesque?? Well, you don't have to wait too long for that!!

On Saturday, 22.9., it's time to take some clothes off..again.. The third Teerenpeli Tease will take place at Teerenpeli here at Tampere. Doors open at 18.00, as usual, and the first set will start around 19.00. Tickets will be 10€ and they are available only from the door, in cash.

So..what is the theme for the evening? Rebels. Be a gangster, or a mob guy..or come as you up to you. But all the performances are gonna be..well.. bad, and naughty... ;)

I will be doing the pick up for the evening, and it's my "responsibility" to keep the gals on the right path..I'm the law, you know.. ;)

Well, who will be performing then??

Well, of course the two gorgeous gals of Holy Curves!
Olivia Rouge & Cherrie A. Dorable
Kiki Hawaiji
Marie La Mint
all the way from Amsterdam
Natsumi Scarlett

So, this is a party you don't wanna miss!!!

The host for the evening will be the fun and funnier stand up comedian Olli Siiki.

I hope to see you guys there!!
And I promise that this time I'll make someone to take some photos of me as well so 
you will see how I look.. =)