perjantai 28. syyskuuta 2012

Teerenpeli Tease - Rebels

Oh my lovely readers!!

I'm am really really sorry, that I haven't been writing anything in a long time...but maybe my life has been boring..?? Maybe not....I just haven't had the time...

But now.. What I've been up to??

Natsumi Scarlett
Last Saturday was the best Saturday of my life in a long time...It was time for some burlesque, and wonderful people. All the way from Amsterdam arrived this wonderful, beautiful, kind and caring burlesque phenomena called Natsumi Scarlett, to keep us a burlesque workshop and later in the evening she performed at the Teerenpeli Tease with these other lovely and lovelier ladies Olivia Rouge, Cherrie A. Dorable and Marie la Mint.

In the afternoon we gathered up in the Razzmatazz dance studios at Finlayson and Natsumi showed us how to move our body..seduce with movement...through belly dancing...and I have to say I enjoyed it a lot!! Especially the one move where we did basically a hip check!! I was good at least at that, thanks to derby!! =D

From the studios, we went straight to Teerenpeli and started to get ready for the evening... The back stage was filled with glitter and laughter...and lemon teezer...once again...and we started to get in to the mood..=) The theme of the evening was Rebels so I, as a pick up, was a police officer... One fugitive got a away from me...but otherwise the shift was ok at the station.. ;)

One of the best acts I've ever (EVER) seen, was Natsumis last number, where she was this heartless doll...she had this beautiful mask and white contacts...she actually scared the hell out of me (and our poor Olli), but at the same time she was so beautiful... I actually told her that when she came close like that, she looked like a member of Cirque du Soleil... pure awesomeness. If you missed it....damn you!!!

I didn't have any time to take photos, so all I have to show you are pictures of me, that my dear friend Nelliina took of me.. I will show you more, if I find some somewhere...

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