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Horror & Tease Show 2012

Hello... remember me?? =D Sorry I have been so quiet..again.. =D

What I've been up to?

Olivia Rouge
Horror & Tease Show!! It was held at Halloween..well almost at Halloween..a week earlier than the real thing, at 27.10. All the ghoul ones gathered at Klubi and enjoyed some burlesque and freak show that was brought to the people by varioius artists..all produced by the beautiful Olivia Rouge.

During the evening the stage was occupied by:
Anna Fur Laxis (Yorkshire, UK)
Lola Van Dyke (SWE)
Holy Curves!
Mechanical Demon ft. Payaso Adam West
Rudie Ruthless & Lucie Goodness
Cherrie A. Dorable
Mimi de Froufrou
Olivia Rouge

Payaso Adam West
I did the pick up with the gorgeus Elisa Day. Elisa already arrived the evening before, so we could plan the next the morning we started to do our make up (which took a suprisingly long time!) and hair....just in time to get going to Klubi and see all the run throughs and discuss with the performers before the doors opened to the audience...

A little shadow was over my head, and body, all evening..I was having a 38 degree fever through the day and evening..already had the night I couldn't enjoy the refresments backstage or be my "normal" self..I tried to do my thing as well as possible on stage, but off stage I was tired. I say TIRED!! It would have propably been possible to fry eggs on my cheeks, they were so hot! Gladly the freak show boys had some medicin (surprise there?!) and thanks to them, I could go through the evening.. so thanks boys!!

Mechanical Demon
Me and Anna
Fever or not, I was excited to meet the amazing Anna Fur Laxis in the flesh and even see her perform for the first time EVER!! I mean, I've seen video footage, but her doing her thing live....WAU. Besides Olivia, she has been my inspiration and an idol for...since I found burlesque.. I even had the guts to tell her that, and I got a picture with her!! YAY!!!

Cherrie A. Dorable
Anna Fur Laxis

Lola Van Dyke

All the numbers were astounding, and the Halloween was a good one. I left for home and my bed quite soon after all the acts were done, but I still had a good time!! Thank you all who came and saw us, and guys you were dressed well!!

All the pictures, apart from the picture of me with Anna, was taken by Katri Kallio.

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