keskiviikko 15. elokuuta 2012

Pick Nick at Forssa

Ok, my posts are a bit screwed up, 'cause I've already been posting stuff that has happened AFTER this fabulous pick nick at Forssa, where I was with my dear friend Kira and her boyfriend (and one of our teams refs) Horocop.

This happened a week before the Pin Up Finland semifinals. I was glad I got to wear a lovely dress and do my hair and makeup one last time before my holiday was over and the working days started again.

There was lots of gorgeous cars...and =D You know what I mean when you look at the photos.. ;)

Lots of "scrap metal" and lots of wonderful treasures on the market...We found two different pairs of derby pair was ANCIENT and the other pair was in such a good condition that I almost cried because I didn't have any money... The better ones had Sure Grip plates and a Riedell shoe...oh my...and even the box would have been included in the price...But, I just had to leave them there... sad.

Kiras parents were there as well, driving that beautiful Buick you've seen in my earlier post from midsummer...and Turre was there too, and clearly enjoyed.. ^_^

Lovely day...and that was the end of my holiday....=/ But I had a Forssa, and on my holiday. Thanks for all, who were part of them, in one way or another.

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